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Bridge the Gap between Mindset and Fitness

Mindset is a feeling. It is something that is with us for life and needs to be looked after and nurtured the same way you would with your physical health. Mindset transformations are advertised as an element of our lives that can be transformed with just a quick fix in as little as six weeks. I believe that although these short term programmes can offer great value, true mindset work takes time and often months to fully implement consistency, new healthy habits, and boundaries in order to get you from A-Z and remain on track.

Mindset with Martha is aimed to help Individuals such as High Performing Athletes, Individuals on a fitness or nutrition programme, Personal Trainers and Gym Owners to transform their mindset in order to remain self-disciplined, productive, self-compassionate and increase self-esteem and to control their thoughts, emotions and feelings whilst experiencing times of stress and anxiety.

I’m an Internationally Accredited Mindset Coach having studied Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Neuroscience and CBT for the past 10+ years. I have achieved multiple accreditations such as ACC accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Data Science MSc with Carlow Institute of Technology and I focused my Thesis Research Paper on the topics of Human Behaviour & Self-Esteem. I studied Psychology Major BA with Dublin City University focusing my Thesis Research Paper on Anxiety, Attachment Styles and Self-Esteem.

I have worked in Global Corporate Organisations for many years whilst always focusing on my own health & fitness goals outside of work incorporating a work/life balanced lifestyle.

My goal is to empower and elevate you so that you are provided with the tools and guidance to create lasting change in your life. Situations can often arise throughout life that can cause stress and anxiety for the mind and body. I want you to be fully equipped with the knowledge to help you overcome setbacks and obstacles.

The proven strategies and techniques that I teach will elevate your mindset and the Individuals on your fitness plans to keep everyone motivated and productive, aiming for the success and self-discipline they deserve.

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Mindset with Martha

Mindset with Martha

Currently offering My new Programme ‘Bridge the Gap’ Helping you to bridge the gap between Mindset and Fitness. Mindset Webinars for Fitness Groups and Corporate Brands both in person and online from home. Offering 121 Mindset Coaching to High Performers in Business and Athletes.

Mindset with Martha

3 Step Framework to Limit Stress and Reduce Anxiety

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Bridge The Gap

‘Bridge The Gap’ is my newest Programme launching April 1st to bridge the gap between Fitness and Mindset.

  • Are you a client on a fitness journey, personal trainer or a gym owner with high expectations for yourself, but find yourself falling short sometimes?

  • Are you somebody who is high performance who struggles to switch off?

  • Do you forget to schedule time in for time-out - in order to avoid burnout?

Contact me today to find out more.

The 180 Life Strategy Programme - 121 Mindset Coaching Programme for High Performers

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Bridge The Gap

Mindset is for Life and not just a quick fix - that is why the “Bridge the Gap” programme launching on April 1st is for Individuals in the Fitness Industry looking to bridge the gap between their mindset and fitness goals.

Register your interest below today.

Mindset with Martha

Mindset with Martha

Transform your Mindset to become the Best Version of YOU.

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